IFHY Short Film Review

Today we are taking a look at I F*cking Hate You (IFHY), an indie film by writer director Zac Forsman. “IFHY” is a raw glimpse into a young man’s ill-conceived sceme to redeem himself in the eyes of his ex-girlfriend. Read on to see the full short film along with our thoughts and details.


“IFHY” is a raw look into a young man’s ill-conceived scheme to redeem himself in the eyes of his ex-girlfriend at any cost necessary. This is an extremely uncomfortable watch. It will make you feel a little bit of what he feels every time he has to face her or her family. 

The acting by both John T. Woods and Marion Kerr were top notch and the way the film was directed added for lots of surprises and twists.

Film Cast

The film stars Marion Kerr (Heart of Now) and John T. Woods. Both also received writing credits due to the film not having a script. In an interview with Forsman he stated “no dialogue was written and the actors were guided by me with objectives for each scene allowing for some tremendous surprises along the way”

The actors did a great job developing the characters by doing improv and taking direction from the director. They had to use our imaginations and be able to develop the roles in the scene to create the story line.

 The music for the short film is provided by Hi, Lonely Oak. It fits in and sets the mood beautifully.

Production and Release

The film was directed by Kevin Shah and as previously mentioned written by Forsman, Kerr and Woods. The film premiered at the Downtown Film Festival in Los Angeles and won the Program Director’s Prize from the program director Roger M. Mayer.

The original release in the United States in 2008 with a runtime of 9 minutes.

What is it that makes us love independent films? Why do we support them, even though they cost so much to make and often fail financially? Is it the challenge of trying to make a great film on a shoe string? Is it the satisfaction of rooting for the “little guy”? Is it the hope they will succeed enough to pay us back for all those free dinners and drinks we gave them? Whatever the reason, we love them too! Checkout our review of the independent film White Knuckles

IFHY Movie

Below is the full IFHY short independent film via YouTube.


IFHY is a great short Indie film. The performances of both Marion Kerr and John T. Woods are spot on and show us raw human emotion. 

I found the music of Hi, Lonely Oak to compliment the imagery of this short film fantastically.

 Overall 4.0 / 5.0


If you want to find a great Indie short film, look no than IFHY. It features great camera work, encompassing music and great acting. Let us know your thoughts on the film in the comments below.

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